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Avoiding Overuse: Coronary Stents

The Lown Institute Hospital Index highlights the overuse of coronary stents in U.S. hospitals, revealing that out of about 1 million stents placed, 22% were unnecessary, leading to a possible $2.44 billion waste in Medicare funds from 2019-2021. The rates of overuse varied significantly across hospitals, with some exceeding 50%. The report aims to encourage hospitals to avoid such overuse, emphasizing patient harm and financial waste.

Now is the time for a push for methods like ECP therapy that offer non-invasive benefits for heart health, providing a potentially safer option for those with heart disease. To explore more about ECP therapy as an alternative, contact us today and we will be here to answer all the questions you have and recommend accordingly.

For a detailed breakdown of the findings, you can visit the full article here:

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